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In this section, you can view information about what the subway is and how to get around in it.  Many first time visitors are afraid to enter the subway, but once they do they realize that it is a safe, quick, and convenient way to get around the city and surrounding areas.  The MTA's New York City Subway is one of the largest systems in the world, spanning 490 stations and 685 miles through four boroughs, there's sure to be a stop where you need to go.

The first portion of the subway opened in 1904, and it was quickly expanded over the years.  Before the system was consolidated, it was actually owned and operated by three different companies.  The first, the IRT (Interborough Rapid Transit) system is now the numbered lines (1-7 and 9), or Division A.  The lettered lines, or Division B,  (A-G, J, L-N, Q-R, V-W, Z) was operated by either the BMT (Brooklyn-Manhattan Transit Company) or the IND (Independent Subway).  You can still find marking in subways indicating how to get to the IND, IRT, etc.  While the age of having three different companies operate the subway is over, it is interesting to see just how different each company built their stations, and how ruthlessly they tried to attract customers from the other companies.

The subway is easy to navigate and easy to use if you know where you need to go ahead of time.  To help prepare you for your trip, we have created this guide.  Please choose a section to read from the list below.

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