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The newest cars in New Jersey Transit's fleet, the Comet Vs promise to offer a whole new experience in commuter rail travel.  The superior ride, safety features, and passenger information systems all help to make the Comet V the car of the future.  These cars have a totally unique design and offer windows double the height of any of NJ Transit's other equipment. 

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Comet V 6513 on display at the 2002 Transit Festival in Hoboken Terminal Inside of Comet V 6504 - stopped at Lyons Station Center doors on 6513 - Hoboken Terminal
Photo by: Jason Del Nero, 9/29/02 Photo by: Jason Del Nero, 3/12/2003 Photo by: Jason Del Nero, 9/29/02
Vestibule on 6513 - note the internal trap door which allows the door to be automatically opened and closed on both high and low level platforms.  This feature became available on the Comet III and later. Comet V coming from Long Branch departing Elizabeth for New York. Comet V cab car in the rear of a train departing Elizabeth station on its way to New York - Penn Station
Photo by: Jason Del Nero, 9/29/02 Photo by: Andrew Syvertsen, 2/26/03 Photo by: Jason Del Nero, 2/26/03

Facts and Statistics:
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Power Type Not Powered [?] Exterior Stainless Steel
End Doors per Side 2 Built By Altsom
Center Doors per Side 1 Built In 2002-2003
Auto Low-level doors? Yes [?] Rebuilt By Never
Info Screen Inside? Yes [?] Rebuilt Beginning Never
Info Screen Outside? Yes [?] Door Alarm Some cars have ding-dong Type III, others have Warning Beep [?]
Vestibule Door Type Automatic - sliding Type III [?] Seats  
Line(s) Used Not specified
Window/Stripe Size Large/None [?] Restroom? In some cars and in cab cars
Amount in Use   Numbered 6000-series
Seat Type Flippable - Phase V [?] Color Scheme Maroon/White [?]
Auto PA System? Yes [?]  

Detailed Information:
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Detailed information about the Comet V
What are the new things that the Comet V incorporated when it was built?

Detailed information about the Comet V

From the trains that we've ridden with Comet Vs on them, it is apparent that the Comet V really "wows" the passengers that board it.  Comments like "I wasn't expecting this!" and "This is nicer than that other train!" are always easily heard when passengers board the train.  I, being an Arrow III fan myself, was very impressed with several things on the train.

There are several negative things associated with these cars as well, but I think that overall the positives far outweigh the negatives.

What are the new things that the Comet V incorporated when it was built?

Passengers will immediately notice the fresh, bright new look of these cars upon entering.  The maroon seats feature separate headrests for each passenger, which makes it more comfortable to sit next to a fellow passenger.  Building on Comet IV technology from the mid-90s, these cars also feature NJ Transit's passenger information system, which automatically announces the next station, the current station, and other relevant information.  The system is combined with two information screens (one on each end of the car), which graphically display the spoken information.  The system works with GPS (Global Positioning System) to pinpoint the trains location so the computer always knows where the train is and when it is approaching the station.

One thing that is new with the introduction of the Comet Vs is the computer status displays located in the vestibules of the cars.  These displays allow conductors, engineers, and other employees to view the status of the train from any vestibule at any time; and when combined with the new ALP-46 locomotives, the status of the locomotive is also available.  This gives the train crew information about incidents quickly and safely.

Probably the most noticeable thing when approaching a Comet V for the first time is the size of the windows.  The windows have been enlarged to almost double the size of the previous Comet cars window heights.  Now, you can see things you've never seen before because the window is so much bigger!  This also adds to the open and airy feeling inside the cars during the day.


2002-2003    Comet V built by Altsom


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